General Specifications

Better Materials. Better Prices. Better Buildings.

Standard Features In Each Diamond State Pole Building
Quality materials, superior craftsmanship and an eye for detail are combined with the dedication of customer service and satisfaction resulting in the Diamond Standard of Pole Buildings.


  • POSTS – Solid Sawn, Pressure Treated 4”x6”, 6”x6” or 3 Ply Laminated 2”x6” Engineered Posts
  • SKIRT BOARD – Minimum 2”x8” Pressure Treated for Ground Contact
  • WALL GIRTS – 2”x4” Spruce lumber, spaced 2’ on center
  • TRUSS CARRIERS – 2”x12” and/or LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber)
  • TRUSSES – In the construction of our trusses we use top quality MSR (machine stress related) spruce lumber which is also checked by quality control experts to ensure lumber integrity. We also use high quality connector plates from Mitek, once of the leaders in the building component industry. All trusses are engineered and constructed project specific
  • PURLINS – 2”x4” Spruce lumber, spaced 2’ on center

FastenMaster – Heavy Duty Flathead Fasteners

  • Stronger design shear values than 3/8” lags
  • Sharp gimlet point for fast installation into wood and OSB
  • Aggressive thread for holding and withdrawal strength, no predrilling
  • Chamfer under head for increased strength, non-countersinking head
  • Spider Drive™ offers highest level of bit engagement and drivability
  • Wafer head eliminates need for washer and offers dramatically increased pull through strength

Insulation - rFoil Bubble Insulation

  • Highly reflective foil insulates against radiant heat transfer - Stops 97% of radiant head loss/ gain
  • Layer(s) of bubble provide r value to insulate against convective heat transfer
  • Lightweight and easy to handle yet provides superior insulation
  • Single Bubble Insulation is 3/16” thick
  • Double Bubble Insulation is 5/16” thick

Windows - Double Hung Pella® Windows

Our standard window is a 3x4 Double Hung Pella® Window with grids between insulated glass, tilt in sashes and screens. This window is engineered for ease of maintenance, cleaning and is energy efficient.

The Pella® Experience

When you choose Pella®, you’re buying more than just a window or door. You’re getting the experience and service of local Pella® professionals who are proudly committed to your satisfaction. See how Pella® has remained passionate about creating a better view for you - for more than 85 years.

Steel Panels - Galvalume®

Diamond State Pole Buildings uses the industry’s best 29 gauge Galvalume® steel with a 40 year paint warranty. With over 20 colors to choose from, your building will be anything but “standard.” Our Steel carries a bare substrate warranty, which is the only bare warranty on the market today.

R41/R51 Responder Door™

Features & Benefits
  • Prehung 4-way swing, insulated door leaf
  • 1-3/4” thick door pressure injected with polyurethane foam - R11 insulation value
  • 24 ga hot dipped galvanized steel exterior. Polyester painted and baked for a durable and long lasting finish
  • Premium smooth steel panels
  • Flush design - cakepan panel for style, strength and corrosion resistence.
  • Door is prepped for lockset by boring a 2-1/8” diameter hole with a 2-3/4” backseat and a 1” edge bore
  • Door panel is strengthened with a Steel C-Channel at the location for entry lock
  • Frame jamb, header and sill are polyester painted and baked for a durable and long lasting appearance
  • Master frame is shipped completely assembled with hinges and door attached
  • A unique design allows the weatherstripped header parting stop to be snapped in place after the door has been installed to insure a weather tight installation
  • Top and Bottom sill sweeps are fabricated of a dual durometer vinyl consisting of three flexible wands and a rigid base.
  • Sill is a low profile design, which complies with ADA handicap accessible guidelines; It is 3-1/2” deep and 1/2” high
  • Each door is securely packaged in a corrugated carton.
Aluminum Frame: Series R41
  • Frame jamb is fabricated of aluminum extrusions 3-1/2” wide with a 0.062” minimum wall thickness
  • Door is mounted to the frame by three, 12 ga zinc plated steel, 4” x 4-1/2” fixed pin hinges
  • Master frame is weatherstripped with woven polypropylene pile
Steel Frame: Series R51
  • Frame jamb is fabricated of a 16 ga galvanized steel.
  • Door is mounted to the frame by three, 12 ga stainless steel, 4" x 4-1/2" fixed pin hinges.
  • Master frame is weatherstripped with bulb gasket.
Panel options
  • Stanard panel, no lite.
  • 9-Lite, 2-panel.
  • 6-panel, no lite.
  • 22" x 22" Vue Lite insulated or single-glazed tempered glass.
  • 22" x 30" or 22" x 36" 1-Lite insulated tempered glass.
  • 22" x 30" or 22" x 36" 9-Lite insulated tempered glass with a rigid aluminum grid system installed within the 1/2" dead air space.
  • 22" x 64" Full view sealed insulated glass consisting of two pieces of 1/8" tempered glass with 1/2" dead air space.

OverHead Doors by Hörmann

Gemini Collection

Sensible Choice -Practical-

Hörmann Gemini collection offers all the choices, safety and durability without breaking your budget. Economical, yet the Gemini collection features FingerGuard™ pinch resistant section joints, nine available colors and a choice of two steel thicknesses: 24 ga. (.022" min) and 25 ga. (.019" min). The optional polystyrene insulation with vinyl backcover offer a sensible solution in energy savings.

The practical Gemini collection is your choice to enjoy all the features of a quality Hörmann steel garage door without hurting your pocket-book.

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