Your #1 source for DIY pole building packages!

Whether you’re an experienced contractor or a weekend warrior, a package may be the perfect solution to your storage needs. The materials included in your DSPB package are the same materials used in the buildings we construct; the only difference is you provide the labor.

What is included:
CAD or computer-aided design design drawings are included with each DIY standard package. This packets includes:

  • Complete material list
  • Pole layout or “footprint” of building
  • Cross section of eave wall with footer detail
  • Truss specification and shop drawings - designed and engineered specific to your building
  • Lumber placement - outlining the location of each specific piece of lumber
  • Metal panel placement - outlining the location of each panel location
  • Elevations - showing what the finished building should resemble
  • Fasteners - all necessary metal to wood & Fasten Master Head Lock screws
  • This packet should be used and is very helpful when applying for your building permit
We offer FREE delivery with every package purchase. In most cases all the materials will arrive on the same truck allowing for just one delivery appointment.

What is not included?
  • Framing nails - this is due to the wide variety of nail guns in use by contractors and home owners
Complete packages are available for most Residential, Agricultural, Commercial, and Equestrian buildings.

Diamond State Pole Buildings will provide the following: Complete package of materials needed to construct your pole building as specified and agreed to in a signed agreement. Diamond State Pole Buildings will warrant all materials delivered to your jobsite to be free from structural or workmanship defects and reserves the right to replace any material it deems to be less than Diamond State Pole Buildings’ high standard. It does not warrant the performance of products handled improperly or installed improperly or installed differently from their intended use.

Customer provides the following:
  • Building Permit
  • Site Survey and Building location measurements & information
  • Any additional permits or surveys required by the state, county, or municipality
  • Labor
Experienced staff are available to answer any questions you may have during your building process.

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